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<strong>Ruben</strong> | 18 | Los Angeles

Looking back to when Ruben was little, instead of using his money for Yu-Gi-Oh Cards he now believes he should have saved his money over time to buy something big.

Manage Your Damn Money host Ben Carter talks with Millennials in Washington DC about college expenses, money in relationships and financial goals.

<strong>Adonica</strong> | 19 | Atlanta

Adonica knew she was really on her own when she had to start budgeting after her parents stopped giving her money regularly.

<strong>Rulla</strong> | Portland, Ore.

Rulla says that parents should financially support their children up until they at least have or job or until they reach the age of 20.

<strong>Betty</strong> | 20 | Denver

Betty learned from her parents that money is important and without it, it's a struggle to survive.

<strong>Mohammad</strong> | Atlanta

Mohammed describes his relationship with money as an important part of his life. He is getting his master's degree in public health and health policy.

We hit the streets of Denver to ask about love and money. When should couples have "the talk" and is it OK to keep money secrets?

<strong>Destini</strong> | 18 | Atlanta

Destini thinks that there are too many systematic issues with the American economic system even though it has an idea centered around fairness.

<strong>Fartun</strong> | 18 | Denver

Fartun's secret spending habit is shopping for shoes with every other paycheck she receives.

What's your dream for 2016? We hit the streets of Denver as part of our Word on the Street video series to ask about financial New Year's resolutions.