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<strong>Ahmad</strong> | Atlanta

Ahmad's money goal is to take care of his family and their future. He budgets because he has bills, a mortgage, college expenses and five children to take care of.

<strong>Nicole</strong> | 26 | Portland

If Nicole won the lottery she would definitely pay off her approximately $25,000 in school loans.

<strong>Seif</strong> | 25 | Denver

Seif feels that an expensive gift is worth the investment based on gratification alone.

<strong>Isaac</strong> | Atlanta

If Isaac won $1 million he would give his family a great Christmas.

<strong>Cameron</strong> | 25 | Denver

Financial success to Cameron means stability and not having to worry too much. His money role model is his brother who saved $12,000 by the time he was 12.

<strong>Maximillian</strong> | 25 | Los Angeles

The most ridiculous thing that Maximillian spent money on was an amusement park attraction that was shut down.

<strong>Eamon</strong> | 22 | Brooklyn

Eamon's biggest spending regret is how much money he spent on alcohol. He admits that lower inhibitions contributed to his spending money with no regret.

<strong>Rashad</strong> | 23 | Atlanta

Rashad's secret spending habit is coffee. He considers it medicine.

10 Minutes With… <strong>A Practical Budgeter</strong>

Ryyan Chacra, a financial economics major at Columbia University discusses his money philosophy and how the role of diversity is critical in economic discussions.