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<strong>Juan</strong> | 24 | Brooklyn

Juan trusts successful entrepreneurs more so than his friends for financial advice.

<strong>Terra</strong> | 18 | Seattle

Terra believes that it takes a combination of chance, skill and motivation for someone to make a lot of money.

10 Minutes With… <strong>A Studious Saver</strong>

Parker Davis's parents support him financially while he is in college but he has been wisely budgeting to cover the additional expenses of college life.

<strong>Damon</strong> | 23 | Denver

One of Damon's goals is to learn how to save money and trusts his girlfriend and his bank to help him make money decisions.

<strong>Joel</strong> | 18 | Portland

Joel gets inspiration from Tumblr and Instagram and researches potential purchases on Google to make sure the investment is worth his money.