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10 Minutes With… <strong>A Prudent Planner</strong>

Lydia's philosophy about money is to use it as a tool to reach life goals. She and her husband learned to live modestly from their work with AmeriCorps.

<strong>Earl</strong> | 19 | Atlanta

Earl feels the economy is getting better and affects millennials differently that other generations.

<strong>Tyler</strong> | 21 | Portland

Because his mother is such a pack rat, Tyler has learned that you don't really need all that much to survive on.

10 Minutes With… <strong>A Fearless Independent</strong>

Being raised by successful parents, Jackson didn't appreciate the importance of controlling his spending until after maxing out his first credit card.

<strong>Sonam</strong> | 22 | NYC

Sonam believes that some people make financial choices which fit only themselves in the moment and not what will be good for their future.

<strong>Micaila</strong> | 26 | Seattle

Micaila's first saving goal was set in high school when she saved three thousand dollars for her first apartment.